WEDDING – What I will do for you

As your Marriage Celebrant I will do the following :

  • Give you information and guidance to enable you to choose or compose a marriage ceremony that will meet your needs and expectations
  • Solemnize your marriage according to the legal requirements of the Marriage Act 1961
  • If requested by you, conduct a marriage ceremony rehearsal
  • Respect your privacy and confidentiality
  • Confirm all details with you
  • Ensure the return of all personal documents belonging to you
  • Sign any necessary declarations ( I am a Justice of the Peace )
  • Be available at the venue for your marriage ceremony at least 20 minutes before the agreed commencement of the ceremony
  • Ensure that all relevant documents are completed and sent to the appropriate registering authority within 14 days after the marriage ceremony
  • Inform you about the range of information and services available to you to enhance, and sustain you throughout your relationship
  • Ensure that my personal presentation is of an appropriate standard for the marriage ceremony, and respect your expectations in relation to the ceremony